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Foraging Experience Packages

Basic Foraging Package

2 hours outdoors learning about the edible and medicinal wild plants growing underfoot. Taste these plants, learn how to use them in the kitchen and to heal, and how to tell them apart from poisonous look-alikes. Filled with hilarious anecdotes, safety information, and much more. Instead of seeing twigs and grass, you'll now be seeing a feast growing everywhere.

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Included in Package




1000 shekel flat rate for up to 20 people. Each additional person is 50 shekel, with a maximum of 40 participants.

Had a great time foraging in the Ramot forest with Adara. My kids (and husband) loved it and are inspired to start collecting/ cooking/ eating what’s around for free. Adara knows her foraging facts inside out, can answer any question which was so impressive.


Premium Package- Culinary Foraging Experience

3 hours outdoors, learning about edible and medicinal plants, how to use them in the kitchen and medicinally, and how to tell them apart from poisonous look-alikes.

Divided into three parts- learning about the plants and gathering them, preparing a full meal with our foraged plants outdoors using camping stoves, etc, and then eating the foods. Take your new knowledge about foraging and see how useful it is. Be amazed at how these humble "weeds" turn into, not just "survival food" but a culinary delight!

Included in Package

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Cooking Techniques

Full Dairy Meal



1500 shekel flat rate for up to 20 people. Each additional person is 75 shekel, with a maximum of 30 participants.

Thank you for an informative and tasty tour of the flora or the Ramot forest! We had a great time learning about all of the forageable plants sprouting up through cracks in the sidewalk and in the forest, and later cooking them up into a tasty Indian curry. Overall it was a unique and memorable experience. Adara is super knowledgeable and very personable. I recommend her foraging tour!


Deluxe Package- Survivalist Foraging Experience

4 hour experience outdoors. Learn how to survive in the wild, how to forage to get the most bang for your buck, and get enough nutrients and calories in case of a zombie apocalypse. Learn how to use these plants medicinally. Learn how to build a bonfire, and cook a full meal over the open fire.

Class is divided into four parts- learning about the plants and gathering them, building a fire, cooking the meal, and enjoying the meal. When the rest of the world is struggling to survive a global shutdown, you'll know how to manage.

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Included in Package



Fire Building
Cooking Techniques


Full Dairy Meal


2000 shekel flat rate for up to 25 people. Each additional person is 80 shekel, with a maximum of 35 participants.

Super informative foraging tour of what's in our backyard! Feel more confident knowing how and what to pick that's edible and medicinal! I still can't get over that I ate gourmet cactus! It was a totally new experience. Even how Adara demonstrated how to make a fire, ONE MATCH. That was incredible! I felt like a camper! May Hashem bless you with continued energy to keep giving these super informative survival skills and creative green cooking! 


Special Package - One on One Foraging with Adara

As an alternative to the other packages, Adara can be hired for one on one education. This can be for a child who loves plants and nature but has special needs and requires a more sensory-friendly and one on one setting. 

Backyard consultations are useful to take advantage of what is growing there and to help landscape your yard with edible wild plants.

If you want to get more in-depth knowledge that doesn't always work in a group setting, whether you're studying to be an herbalist, want to know foraging inside and out, or are a tour guide and want to be able to pass on this knowledge to your clients, this is the way to learn. 

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450 shekel an hour, minimum one hour, with discounted packages available if booking multiple dates.

We recently moved into our new house and want to plant a vegetable garden. Before we weeded the area we hired Adara to come over and tell us which of the weeds we could eat, and good thing we did, because we would have removed some very tasty and nutritious plants.


Adara's Foraging Adventures Open to the Public

Intermittently classes will be scheduled open to the public, announced with a location, date, and time.

Such classes are typically the Basic package but may also include the Premium culinary foraging experience.

These classes are typically given over vacations or on Fridays and are generally child friendly.


Basic package costs 75 shekel per person. 
Premium package costs 100 shekel per person.
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Summer classes have been scheduled. See upcoming dates here!

Classes will be announced and posted when scheduled. To get updated about future class dates, subscribe below.

Today I attended a foraging walk with Adara in Modiin. I've known Adara for a few years, but I was still completely blown away by her guidance today. Adara is incredible at speaking to a large group of individuals comprised of people from all different backgrounds with a variety of experiences. We were almost 40 people of all ages, babies up to grandparents, some sporty, some with special needs, some with years of foraging experience, some out for their first time, and every single person was engaged! She was professional and authoritative. She was prepared with great answers and examples for every single question. She was patient and kind dealing with participants with special needs, children, and those who asked about a plant she just finished spending 15 minutes talking about! Kol HaKavod Adara, very well done! 


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