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Accessibility is important for Adara, who deals with her own disabilities. Accommodations can be made for different disabilities as needed with advanced notification and planning.


Visual Impairments

Descriptions to identify edible plants through touch and smell alone can be provided, as well as explanations as to which plants need visual identification to ensure safety.


Mobility Impairments

Locations can be chosen that do not entail much walking and/or are wheelchair, walker or stroller friendly. Classes can also be brought to an indoor location if needed, so people who cannot go out to nature can still experience foraging.


Special Diets

Menus for the culinary experience are adjustable to different dietary needs, whether allergies, food aversions, or made vegan. Food is all with mehadrin ingredients and is always gluten free unless otherwise requested.


Hearing Impairments

Classes can be made smaller with the hearing impaired individual directly in front of Adara to facilitate lip reading. Adara can wear a microphone and transmitter for an assistive listening device when provided by the student.



Adara has experience working with hyperactive and autistic kids. Adara uses many techniques to keep neurodivergent kids engaged including making them her helpers during the classes. If a kid needs a sensory friendly option, consider a small private class.



Adara is fluent in both Hebrew and English and can guide the group in either language, or switching off between both to allow people with both languages to attend.

To plan your accessible foraging adventure:



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